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More than 70 years in the metallurgical field, more than 20 countries already use our mills.


The SURGENTE mill mechanism has a "different, modern and efficient" working system."

Its engine is made up of a connecting rod system that reduces friction (by not having gears) and wear; It also has an oil pump, which allows all parts to work lubricated.

It has a COMPENSATING SPRING, which cancels out all weight of the rod and part of the water column, that is, it works lighter, since the wind has less resistance to make the mill work, thus taking advantage of weak winds. This set of characteristics allows the wheel to rotate with winds of 4 to 5 km/h, this is equivalent to 30% of the wind needed by a gear system. The SURGENTE Mill has an "automatic closure" against strong winds, the machine controls the revolutions through a brake system. The engine box or block is made of welded steel which allows it to be lighter and more resistant. "With the lower MECHANICAL WEIGHT of these components, better use of the wind is obtained due to the lower energy used to rotate the wheel"