We market filters

Waterproof membranes


Activated Carbon block/granular

Ion exchange resin



Hoy más que nunca debemos ser conscientes de la importancia del water here and around the world.

Tenemos para usted la solución a cualquier problema de agua. Ósmosis inversa, anti sarro, anti bacterias, eliminadores de cloro, arena, etc. Surgente comercializa y distribuye purificadores de agua PERCO , una empresa dedicada al tratamiento y solición de los problemas de agua.



All filters include an installation manual and all the accessories necessary for start-up. We make sure that they are easy to install so that an end user can install them.



The water throughout the Argentine lands changes. This change refers to the different problems that may arise, it refers to the hardness of the water. At Perco we have been working to be able to solve this type of problem and leave water in some cases suitable for consumption and in others free of corrosive or dangerous metals for different domestic appliances, such as washing machines, hot water tanks, water heaters, etc. or the same pipes in a home.